i’m bored with my fuddy-duddy, professor-ish profile that’s out there in cyber space 😦  yes i teach…, but that ain’t no reason to stereotype myself.

to me, entrepreneurs are heroic creatures like Prometheus who stole fire from the gods…, and yes these days i seem to live and breathe entrepreneurship.

but you know what? i also love to cook,  i’m a gourmet cook in fact. my one big ambition is to open a restaurant called concoctions!! where the only permanent ingredient will be your imagination 🙂

i love music, interestingly although i’m learning  Carnatic music, i rarely listen to it. but i can listen to ajeeb dastan without ever tiring of it or to jeevan se bhari and get goose bumps every single time.

we have a a really talkative labrador called Mocha whose claim to fame is her Cindy Crawford mole!! seriously, she doesn’t have words but if you spend some time with her, you’ll know how unnecessary words are for expressing your emotions. she sure knows to tell us what she thinks of us!!

my gorgeous and gifted daughter and i,  we both love to play scrabble on wobbly sunday afternoons ; we are first-day-first-show movie buffs ; we curl up with legal crime thrillers and hibernate ; we plan impromptu holidays (oxymoron 🙂 ; we root for Rafa and cry our hearts out when he loses, and even more when he wins ; and we love corona, kahlua and tequila equally!!!

we love life 🙂

oops i forgot, my name is nandini vaidyanathan. and if you want to have meaningful conversation, do mail me at forstartups@gmail.com


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  1. Posted by Lakshinder Singh on December 20, 2009 at 4:03 PM

    Hi Nandini,
    The first time i got to know about you and saw you was in the franchise india 2009 show.
    i was really impressed with what you had to say about entrepreneurship and the insights you gave on what to and what not to do while starting a company.
    but i find myself in a completely different space, i want to be a venture capitalist/business angel.
    there are people that i know who are brilliant and i want to invest in their brilliance.now i know a few things about investing in businesses but there are some gaps.
    i was wondering if you could give me a few minutes of you time so i could learn from you on how to go about investing in businesses,being an angel that is.

    i would really appreciate it if you could give me some time(even if its over the phone) to help me see a way to move forward with this.

    Lakshinder Singh


    • hi lakshinder, thank you for reaching out. and for your kind words.

      how to invest in good biz is an art 🙂 but it is an art that one can learn.

      firstly, don’t worry about the idea. worry about the entrepreneur. idea is as good or as bad as the entrepreneur’s ability is. spend more time understanding the psyche of the entrepreneur, his passion for being an entrepreneur, his ability to get the idea off the drawing board into the market place with same zeal and passion. i have seen many entrepreneurs who are wonderfully passionate human beings when it comes to ideation. but they lose the fizz when it comes to implementation. as an investor it is very important for you to understand his passion for execution.

      secondly, there are tools available whereby you can determine the entrepreneur’s ability. these are psychometric tools and they will give you a fair handle on the traits that will make him into a successful entrepreneur. use those tools.

      thirdly, watch him with his team. is he so possessive of his ideas that he thinks they are the absolutely right ones or is he democratic in his approach, does he take smilingly inputs from his team even if they are contrarion to his ideas? if he doesn’t , you ‘ll know he’s a closed person and will bring negative entropy into the organization.

      fourthly, listen to your gut feel. there are times when all the visible manifestations seem right, but one little voice inside your head is protesting. listen to it. believe you me, i have averted many a disaster by listening to my inner voice.

      most important, it is the entrepreneur who makes the biz, idea is only a starting point. a good entrepreneur will build a successful biz even around a not so great biz idea, but a bad entrepreneur will kill even the best of the biz ideas. trust this helps.


  2. Posted by Sachin Verma on June 3, 2010 at 11:35 PM

    Hi Nandini
    I had to recently leave my well paying job. Though I am looking for a job I also feel to look at the possibilities of being self employed. Why I want to become an enterpreneur is to be my own boss, never retire and gradually be able to make good money though I know it may take time.

    I am interested in setting up a shop selling consumer durables ( appliances, household goods etc.). I understand this is not something new but this is what I have worked in and would like to go in. I am not a highly creative person to some up with some very original ideas .

    Do you think I can still be sucessful while getting into business and if yes, can you please advise me someone who can help me establish the business and help in initial setups.

    I have some financing to invest in the startup.

    Hope you can guide me in realizing my dreams of becoming a businessman?



    • Posted by nandini vaidyanathan on June 7, 2010 at 1:28 PM

      my apologies Sachin for the delay in replying, i was traveling and had a very hectic schedule.

      it is delightful to hear from you that you want to be an entrepreneur, you know retail has big bucks players today, who would your outlet be different from let’s say an ezone or a girias ? and why are you interested in retail? mail me on nandini@carmagroup.in, cheers


  3. Posted by shalini on November 10, 2010 at 9:58 PM

    hello ma’am,
    this is shalini, i first met you in a seminar by IFMR-strides’10. it was a pannel discussion where most of the pannelist where men, when people where looking for a women on stage, you emmerged from the skies like an angel and set the stage on fire. i was very much inspired by the way you expressed your thoughts and i became your greatest fan from then. one thing which was very fablous was your varied experinces in different fields , as a women you have taken the paths which are less troden, the road not taken….that makes you so special and different. you are always out of the box thinking…! it was great to have met you.


  4. Posted by DocImpact on March 3, 2011 at 5:14 PM

    Dear Nandini, Yesterday, I came across a few students of an engineering college in Hyderabad at an event organized by the IT body and AP Govt. They had a workshop and shortlilsted few scientific ideas from an ‘ideation workshop’ and even documented prototypes of their inventions/ideas. But all of them were clueless about how to go about realizing their products and many werent even aware of the next steps. How can we help them. Some relate to non-reusable syringes, electronic software to prevent car theft, and many other good ideas. What can we tell them and how can our advise benefit? Can you help them? or show the way.

    Appreciate your time and thinking.

    with best regards.


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